Before asking for a free quotation, ask yourself :

  • Which documents do I possess ?
  • Where are they from and what do they contain ?
  • What research has already been carried out ?
  • Have I fully consulted all French sources of information? Nationalisation, family identity books, military documents…
  • What information do I desire to find in Italy ? In Corsica ?
  • What do I desire to learn from this research ? (Find cousins …)
  • What budget can I devote to this passion ?

Example of a parish where archives are stored

Each case being entirely personal it is strongly advised to send us the copies of certificates in your possession, in order to establish a more accurate quotation for your needs and your budget.

This quotation acts as a contract, one copy must be returned to us signed together with your deposit.

The research cannot begin before reception of these two requirements.

Examples of blazons associated with surnames

Business trips may only be realised under the following conditions :

  • Adequate advanced rendezvous to enable on the spot research.
  • Reception of a sample quotation form correctly filled in.
  • Reception of requested deposit. The deposit will be cashed if a business trip takes place.
  • During our investigations, you will be advised of all important elements liable to change our original conditions. Fees may be reduced if insufficient archives are found.

Parish archives are very often preserved in precarious conditions

Review :

  • A concise summary of all investigations will be sent to you at the end of the research.

Bill :

  • The completed documents will be communicated only after reception of the total amount due, thereby indicated on the final bill.

The final amount never exceeds the initial quotation, except for the purchase of books and an important change of direction in the research (see excess fees).

A brief account of research into the Santucci family

The parish priest relates a dramatic event :
On the evening of the ninth of September 1900, the young Giuseppe Santucci, son of Giovanni and Caterina Di Vito, aged 17 ½, not far from his home, receives a shot from a revolver, falls and dies. This horrible crime happened in Pagliarone. The whole of the community was deeply shocked, as the young man was of good reputation. The perpetrator of this shooting is still on the run. The afflicted parents pray for his soul.

On receiving total payment we will send you the final document including the following :
A) Elaboration of the discovered documents :

  • Each document intact (photograph, photocopy).
  • Photocopies of civil status or religious certificates with a summary in english of the genealogical elements it contains.

B) Final report on the investigations carried out including :

  • List of places of research, inventory of the cosulted documents.
  • List of documents rendering no results with the possible explanations ( ex. Insufficient archives, no cooperation from persons contacted. )
  • Geographical presentation of the original localities according to each case; extracts of maps, post card, photograph, tourist guides or any given document obtained in person or by correspondence according to the type of contrat, will be supplied.
  • A note of any particular difficulty encountered, incidents which happened, persons having contributed to the research.
  • The genealogical plan obtained :
    Unless any particular wish on your part, the result are presented in the form of a simple family tree, realised by software “Geneatique” numbered by Sosa.
  • Summary of new ways to continue future research. Genealogy is an endless investigation. The provided report is designed to enable anyone to follow on from it. This report relates the exact development of the investigations. It lists the chronological order of the undertaken research with the desired informations and the obtained results. Every information, as insignificant as it may seem will be related.

In the case of unsuccessful research, which unfortunately may happen, this report will justify the work carried out.
In conclusion, you will find the summary of things to do in order to continue later research.